Revival Formula ~ 15 servings (60g/2.1oz) (BACKORDERABLE: SHIPS IN 1 WEEK)

SKU: RF60 $29.95
Due to its thoroughly comprehensive blend of 24 microalgae, superfood, tonic herb and medicinal mushroom extracts, Revival helps unleash the most exquisite recharge of long lasting (we report for 7+ hours) focus and stamina with no crash (it’s caffeine free, sugar free, free of any other adulterants, just 100% pure superfood). Most green superfood powders are just poorly absorbed ground dried grasses and vegetables with apple fiber and rice powder (wait, doesn’t that sound more like bird food?) Revival doesn’t contain any of that. Each of our 24 ingredients with all colors of the rainbow are selected carefully for both their scientifically validated human activity and their time tested traditional usage in human history. Revival is the most colorful green superfood blend ever with tons of extra benefits that put it in a new category of anti-aging formulae. 60 grams = 15 4000mg (1 rounded teaspoon) servings.
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